900 Neighbours

An audience favourite at the Sydney Film Festival, this film was screened on ABC TV and nominated for Best Documentary at the Film Critics Circle Awards. It won the Australian Teacher of Media award for Best Social-Political Documentary.

In 2006 Australia’s media was rocked by headlines SKELETON MAN FOUND IN HOUSING COMMISSION FLAT. The man had died 6 months ago, but left alone all that time, all they found was a skeleton. How did this happen?

Northcott is one of Sydney's most famous and infamous buildings. Born as a dream solution to the post-war public housing crisis ... years passed and that dream became a nightmare. The building became synonymous in the public mind with suicides, murders and drug deals.

But now the residents are working hard to turn that perception around. Ex-strippers, homeless men and itinerants all share their hope for a better place. Together, they might just pull it off.

Funny, tough and inspiring.

900 Neighbours Sydney Festival Premiere